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Why people don't believe bisexual are exist?





Many people think we are just confused about our sexuality. They don't think bisexuality is exist.


Here is what a lot of people who don’t buy bisexuality as a legit sexual orientation feel about it:


1.People who don’t believe in bisexuality view it as a stopover on the way to someone confessing their homosexuality.


2.It has also been viewed as a way for those confused about whom they are attracted to.


3.Bisexuality has also been viewed as a temporary psychological disorder wherein the person would eventually be able to determine whom he/she is attracted to.


Stigma can make it difficult for bisexuals to feel socially connected. Official statistics have also revealed that around 12 percent of the total bisexual population in

the United States in HIV positive. The United States is home to the largest bisexual population in the world. Medical experts and sociologists feel that if adequate

steps are not taken at this moment, it could lead to disastrous results.

It is beyond doubt that people do not have a clear idea of what bisexuality is. This is why when bisexuals get rejected by others on online

dating sites when they reveal their sexual orientation. While understanding bisexuality isn't every person’s cup of tea, it is certainly not a thing to be condemned.

But here we will tell you we are exist. We are just people like anyone else. Just the attraction to genders similar to ourself and to genders different than ourself.So we are bisexual, we are not half gay and half straight. We are not greedy, we are not lying. We do not need to make my mind up.

We are not just trying to be cool. We are certain. We are not saying everyone are ,but we are bisexual. We not confused, somebody are.So if you are a bisexual and wanna meet some new friends or find a lover. Free to Sign Up.